Dave Clarke - Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage

Dave Clarke MFHT BTEC (Level 6) Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage Therapist You are an individual and you may be suffering from any of the following: - chronic pain, generally stiff muscles, stress-related issues or in need of relaxation (a break from the busy life you lead rushing around and having no “me” time.) All of the above can affect your quality of life. Massage has been around for thousands of years and I encourage it as an integral part of wellbeing, Dave offers massage for the treatment of pain, to combat stress and aid relaxation. Dave also offers pregnancy massage. In a previous lengthy career Dave worked in a pressurised environment with tight deadlines and demands for results, so is fully aware of the impact that can have. Dave can bring this experience and empathy to his approach with clients.

My contact details are:-
Website - www.libratherapeutics.co.uk
Telephone - 07903 882334
email - daveclarkeadvancedmassage@gmail.com

Sandra Francis - Holistic Health Therapist

I offer the selection of therapies shown below for you to help reduce stress levels, improve your immune system and make you more able to cope with life's everyday stresses and strains.

I am passionate about wellbeing and I believe in a holistic approach to health. That means Mind quietened, Body relaxed, and Soul revitalised. Whatever you need I have a therapy that can help.

Indian Head Massage: ~ ITEC Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage: ~ ITEC Full Body Massage:
ITEC Reflexology: ~ Reiki: ~ Cognitive Hypnotherapy: ~ NLP: ~ Ollie coaching for kids.
Sandra Francis: Dip C Hyp ~ HPD ~ UKRF MTmember ~ NCH ~ ITEC

Sandra Francis – Holistic Health Therapist
My qualifications:- Dip C Hyp ~ HPD ~ NLP
Professional organisations I belong to:- NCH ~ UKRF MTmember
I trained with:- ITEC and Quest Institute

Emma Finn - Health Kinesiology and PNI

Emma Finn - Health Kinesiology and PNI (psychoneuroimmunology) Emma Finn KF.Aff CPNI Dip

What makes my practice so unique and comprehensive is combining these two modalities. PNI reveals the cognitive,endocrine and immunological aspects for any issue and returns you back to balance. Kinesiology techniques are weaved through this framework so we can repair the blocks to healing faster.

Because this is so specific to your bodys needs and priorities, kinesiology can be successfully applied to lots of concerns including;

• Skin problems
• Food intolerances
• Allergies
• Stress resilience
• Digestive issues
• Weight loss
• Hormonal imbalances
• Any issue you can think of!

Each session is relaxing and interesting. You lay on a couch whilst muscle testing reveals answers to the questions posed. Magnets are placed on the body and acupressure points are held to improve the energy flow through the meridians that are blocked in relation to the issue. Clients feel relaxed yet ’worked’ after each session. A results sheet is given after each session with a summary of what was revealed and the solution to follow.

Emma has 20 years experience as a complimentary health practitioner. She is the only qualified Health Kinesiologist and Clinical psychoneuroimmunologist in the UK. Combining these two modalities creates a powerful tool for treating any chronic condition in the most comprehensive wholistic manner.

My contact details are:-
Web - www.kinesienergy.com
Email - emma@KinesiEnergy.com
Phone - 07816 906264

Jeraldine Curran - The Food Nutritionist

Hi, I’m Jeraldine Curran, the Food Nutritionist. My fascination with, and passion for, nutrition began when my youngest son took one bite of a chocolate bar and ended up in A&E fighting for his life. If what we eat can be so powerful it could potentially kill us I had to find out more and learn how to keep my my son safe. So I embarked on a life journey of discovery to find out more about food and nutrition.

I made the transition from full time mum and fitness instructor to nutritional therapist and onto nutritional consultant. My qualifications began with a diploma, then a BSc in Nutritional Therapy and on to undertaking an MSc in Nutritional Medicine which I will complete in 2018.

As the resident nutritionist at Squirrels health food shop please contact me to arrange a FREE 15-minute discussion about the different ways I could provide nutritional advice and support for you or a family member or to schedule a full appointment.

For more information:-

Visit my website www.thefoodnutritionist.co.uk
Call on 07729 174208
or email jeraldine@thefoodnutritionist.co.uk

Priscilla Elliott - The Law of Attraction Specialist

Hello, I’m Priscilla Elliott and I’m delighted to be based at the therapy room at Squirrels Health shop where I hold my face to face sessions. I also hold lots of telephone sessions too which are very effective, so it doesn’t matter where you live, I can help you.

People tend to be drawn to work with me when they seem to have tried everything but cannot shift out of their current state or situation. My specialism is the Law of Attraction and the subconscious (particularly self-sabotaging behaviours). So if you find that you are stuck or blocked in some way in your life, then do contact me to discuss. My number is 07540 532259.

I use a number of different modalities which have helped a huge number of people move on with their lives, clear their problems, reach their goals and create wonderful opportunities in their lives for a much better life experience.

My role is to help facilitate you getting back to the true YOU, your inner Self (true Self) and shed away all the things, reactions, triggers etc which stop you having an amazing life – even if you think that’s not possible.

One of the most popular tools I use is colour and to experience it for yourself to see how powerful it is, why don’t you have a go at a FREE Colour Reading by clicking this link: www.priscillaelliott.co.uk/free-colour-reading/

As well as Colour, other modalities I use in my sessions include EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Regression (Matrix Reimprinting), Reiki, Life Coaching and Psychotherapy,

Because I love my job, it gives me great pleasure also to train others too and I am also a Reiki Master Teacher, EFT Master Trainer and Colour Teacher Trainer.

For more information, please visit my website www.priscillaelliott.co.uk. You can call me on 07540 532259 or 0333 355 3617 or email me on smile@priscillaelliott.co.uk

It’s a real pleasure for me to be of service and I look forward to being of service to you.