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60 days to Clear Skin

Have you overdone it in the sun the past few weeks?  Or maybe you’re suffering from a long term skin condition such as acne, eczema, psoriasis or uneven skin tone?

Here at Squirrels we’ve just received delivery of the *NEW* 60 Day Clear Skin programme, which has been thoroughly tested by the experts at Viridian  – and it ACTUALLY WORKS!  And the best part?  It’s totally natural, and 100% vegan, so a healthy alternative to chemical-laden creams, or tablets containing harmful ingredients.

Feedback from one of the Viridian testers:  “I feel a lot happier about my skin now, it is noticeably clearer, less inflamed and even softer.  I feel more confident in leaving the house and being in public with little to no make up on.  I would definitely recommend the supplements to people who also suffer with skin problems.  After trying many medications, it felt amazing and refreshing to use something that is natural and organic, knowing that I wasn’t putting any nasty chemicals into my body.”

Check out the results of the Viridian project here: https://bit.ly/2t2RuVB

For more information – and to get started on your journey to clearer skin, pop into the shop and speak to a member of the team.

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